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Marketing Strategy

& Consulting

As beautiful as a crescent moon can be, it’s only a small part of the picture and one of a number of phases that bring us round to seeing the Moon in all of its glory. Marketing your business successfully is about seeing the bigger picture and working your way through all of the phases that make up the Whole of the Moon. We've visualised this on our marketing lunar cycle:

Our Marketing Lunar Cycle

Whole of the Moon Marketing Ltd - Elevat

Marketing is much more than the tools that we use to carry it out. But often as Marketers we get lost in the detail of each channel and forget the bigger picture. Offering a solution neutral marketing strategy and consulting service means that unlike agencies or channel specific specialists, we're not influenced by a tool, commitment to a supplier or other external influences and will create a marketing strategy that's as unique as your business. Using our version of the Lunar Cycle we'll ensure that your marketing efforts are built to make every penny invested work hard to create a return and remain focused on your business goals.

The expertise you need, when it's needed

Being solution neutral means that we target performance, pulling on the resources you need, when they're needed. We have no agenda to push, no agreements to honour and your business goals are at the heart of our decision making. 

That means that we use our network of trusted partners, or lead the suppliers you have in place to deliver marketing that performs, calling on the channels and expertise you need, when it's needed.

Marketing Team

Planning & Strategy

Our approach to the planning stages is to make sure that we account for all of the aspects that will determine whether marketing works for your business or not. Understanding your business goals, customers, products and proposition before creating a marketing mix and distribution plan that is created to deliver effectiveness and return on investment. This ensures that we create solutions that match the needs of your customers and target achieving or exceeding your goals from the start.


With experience in implementing multi-channel marketing activities & campaigns, we'll ensure that the plan is executed seamlessly. Working with a network of trusted partners across print, design, digital, media buying and content creation you'll have access to a full service implementation that is guided and managed by our expertise to ensure that your campaigns and projects are set up for success.

Alternatively if you've preferred suppliers in place then we'll work with them to ensure your marketing activities are carried out with your goals in mind and make the most of every penny invested.

Optimisation & Review

Creating the most well thought out strategy and designing the most creative campaign doesn't guarantee success. It certainly gives you a great chance at it, but what really makes a campaign successful is keeping your finger on the pulse with metrics in place that identify opportunities to extend any peaks and lift any troughs in performance. 

We'll set up and monitor performance metrics that will provide a live view on how your marketing efforts are performing and enable us to optimise them for maximum impact.

We’ll happily support your business in maximising the potential of each of the phases. But, marketing is more than just one off pieces of work, it’s about creating robust strategies that align to your business objectives and drive a return on investment.
Work with us on establishing your marketing strategy and we’ll help you create a marketing lifecycle that is one small step for Marketing and one giant leap for your business.

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